Last Chance Saloon

There are only a handful of the great American Bar names that are truly legendary. First popularized in the 1800s, The Last Chance Saloon became a popular way for bars near the border of dry areas to advertise the fact that theirs was the final establishment to have a drink for some distance. Then in the 20th century, as liquor laws started to pop up across the US it became a popular tongue-in-cheek name for bars that were able to stay open later than others.

Unfortunately in 2021,, .net, .org, and .biz (The OG, first five domains on the net) are all totally irrelevant to any place where a thirsty one can get a beer! The guy with the .com wants $50,000. Clearly, he knows nothing about the bar business.

I used to work in bars. I know that no one owns a bar because they love the money. Especially anyone with a bar that has such a great, classic name!

I think $1000 is a reasonable investment for any bar to shell out to have the greatest marketing tool on the internet; a clear, simple, relevant website address. For starters, how easy is it for your staff to tell folks, “Information at Last Chance Saloon Dot Bar!,”? Think about splashing that address across your social media.

More clicks coming through to check out YOUR Last Chance Saloon!

LastChanceSaloon.Bar and are both for sale on for a price that’s not unrealistic to ask from a bar owner.

However, given that Millington, Illinois’ The Last Chance Saloon has been heavily accounted for with new art on this site, Rick Trevino may want to offer a bit more and also own a bunch of relevant graphics.

I”ve spent hours building these graphics and I think Last Chance Saloon Dot Bar has some really fun merch in the shop! At least do me the honor of setting your eyes upon these. It’s all I ask.

First, The Last Chance Saloon adopts a San Diego Padres-style color theme. The Saloon also gets a Chicken Reaper logo in honor of ownership having grown up a Plano Reaper.

Put Gas In The Tank – Let’s Make For The Bank

The Sun Always Shines On The Last Chance Saloon

Chicken Is Huge @ The Last Chance Saloon

Shirts, tanks, and stickers of each are in the shop!

Go buy this domain on Sedo. Go investigate the numerous BILD-HI Projects. Send me an email.